I'm GOzliak - Young Artist, Musician, Pianist, Songwriter and Producer.


His stage name is GOzliak (pseudonym).

Is a Musician, Artist, Pianist, Songwriter and Producer. Above all, he focuses on genres such as: Pop, EDM, Orchestral or instrumental music.

As a young boy, he loved all music from the 60s to the 90s. That's when he began to understand and feel the songs. But since, as a young boy, he had no idea he was going to do what he was doing, so over time he understood that he wanted to do it, and it was something he thought he would have talent for.

Since he loved to listen to those old hits, he wanted to change that one day. From listening to playing.

For the first time, he didn't start playing the classical piano as we know him, but it was a downloaded mobile application that allowed him to play the piano...

He loved piano music at the time. In the mobile application he was mostly in the best and tried to be as high as possible in the rankings, it also succeeded. No, he didn't need success, he could devote so much time to it, and it made him so happy.

One day he was interested in buying a classical piano. He was bought by his parents. As a self-taught person, he began to learn and play. Finally, he didn't just have to play his father's music, but he could play everything he could play and what his father wanted and he could made him happy.

After such a time of learning and everything, he decided to create music for people, who are mostly in some way mainly emotional.

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