Let me introduce myself i am Moments Online and i am here to help you bring your video game to life through guided tutorials.

Video game development can be a daunting task without the proper help, that is why i am here, allow me to be your guide.

If you are looking to create amazing 2d games for PC, Mobile, Linux and the iOS then you are in the right place.

The name of the open-source software we will use for our 2d game development is GDevelop. It is free and simple to use for beginners to game development and will help bring your game to life.

Now go ahead and download this amazing software for free from the website:


Well done on downloading the software, have you tried launching it yet?

If not, don't worry this tutorial will guide you.


Creating your first game is very
simple with GDevelop, but you
need to have a project created

A project is a documentation
of your game, imagine it as a
folder that will hold everything
about your game just like
a cupboard holds everything
for cooking.

Now let's take a look at how
to create a new project in

Hey, now wasn't creating a new project simple and easy in GDevelop?

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Now it is time to really get into the game engine GDevelop and how each interface and various buttons work.

This is going to be a much longer tutorial than the first two tutorials so get comfortable and listen carefully, anyways it is a fun video so I am sure you won't get bored.

Note: The interface might look a bit different from the current GDevelop interface but not to worry nothing significant has changed in the current version of GDevelop.


Wow! You made it through the video, well done. Don't you feel like you can start building your own games even with that tutorial alone?

Hold that thought, before you answer 'yes', let me take you through creating a game title.

You see, game titles are very crucial to the success of every game, it draws your potential audience to your game and hooks them to the game. It is important to have a catchy title name and title design.

Do you have a catchy title for the game you would like to build?

If 'yes' then let's take a look at how to design a Title in GDevelop, if 'no' think of a catchy game title and follow the tutorial to get your title designed.

Note: The first few seconds of the video addresses an audience on youtube, you would like to skip to 0:30 when the actual tutorial begins. Also create your game Title on refresh scene separately from the first stage/level of the game.


Hey, don't you feel confident in your game development skills already, can you now see how easy it is to use GDevelop.

Now that you have more confidence in your game development abilities, let's try creating a simple quiz game with GDevelop.

If you succeed with this you can move on and create even more amazing games.

Now let's get creating


Before we begin, you will first need some game assets.

What is a game asset, you ask?

Game assets are resources that are used in game design.

Examples include backgrounds, sounds, user interfaces, sprites(character images/drawings of objects).

Now it's time to download some free game assets from the website Kenney Assets(get all your free assets from this website).

Oh well, now that you have your assets let's get to the tutorial. Have fun building your first game.

Amazing, you did it! Cheers!! Now you have created your first game, how do you feel even more confident right.

That reminds me of the first game I ever created in GDevelop, want a sneak peak at it?

There you go... Check it out:-

Hey, I know it's not much but it sure was fun building it.

Soon you will be making a fun game like my recent game:-

Congratulations on getting this far, now that you have been able to build your first game it's time to share your game with the rest of the world.

GDevelop allows you to export your game to several platforms such as Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Web(Html5) And Locally.

We are going to take a look at how to export your game as html 5.

Web games are very popular
and run on most web browsers.

Since most people spend their time surfing the web, why not meet them with your game. It's a great way to increase your game's popularity before exporting to other platforms.

Let's get your game exported:


Where you able to export your game as an html 5 game?

Well done, I knew you could. All you need now is a platform to host your newly developed game.

There are a couple of free web-hosting platforms out there for developers, all you need is your game's source file which you just exported, in a zip format(rar).

For now its ok that your game does not have an icon, since this is only your first test game.

But if you are eager to have an icon for your game, then you would need Photoshop; a free editing software used by graphic designers. You can download that online for free link below.

This video will help you design your own custom game icon but it is pretty bad in it's resolution. Bare with me, I promise to shoot a better video soon.


The image below is an image of Batman in the world of Sunny Woods. Made by Moments Online With GDevelop 5.


It is time to share with you the different platforms you can share and host your games on to get people to play your game.

The first website is a popular website for indie game developers and creators alike. is the name of the website; on this platform you can create a free account just by signing up, and with just that you get to upload your game either as a Web Game(html5), Android, Windows, Linux or iOS.

You can share source files(your game's unique files) or great assets(game resources audio, images etc) you would like to share with other creators that might need them.

Just like any creative platform you have the option of selling your games, source files and assets or giving it away for free.

I choose for most of the source files used in the tutorials I make on YouTube to give them for free for anyone to download.

I do have two games though, that I have placed on sale.

All of which is built with GDevelop.

If you should choose to join this creative platform, most of how it works and how sales that you make on either your games, software, assets or source files are credited to you will be communicated to you by the team.

I recommend this platform to you from my experience, that it is a great place to share your creative works(video game) and also make money from them. as a platform has been around for a long time. I remember being introduced to the platform when I was very young, roughly around the year 2008 and its been 12 years now.

So many great indie games have been released and are being release on the platform on a daily basis, some for free; others available for download for a small fee.

Apart from it being a great place to share your work, it is also a great place to meet other game developers and creators, by participating in game jams and other competitions.

Would you like to join this amazing platform?

Do consider it, I will leave a link to the website below just in case you are interested:

The picture above is an html 5 game 'Nothing is as they seem' which was made with GDevelop 5 when Moments Online participated in a game jam earlier this year on, you can play this html 5 game on the platform only for pc.

Thank you for reaching this far, unfortunately this is the end of this landing-page.

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There you will get everything you will need, I will release blog post as regularly as I can.

Thank you so much.

Moments Online.

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