"Take Your Wings and Come With Me"


My love is for mother nature, for all those who have respect for other living beings and for those who, with a pair of headphones on their head, are able to travel far while remaining motionless...wherever they are in the world.
I select music every day and mix it looking for the right chemical combination that allows me to fly away. When I find it, I am no longer here.
The bird from up there has a clearer view and the anonymity of the height makes everything more interesting.
Each session is a flight of mine and I hope it can take you far too.
See you there

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1 - Khen - Angel`s Share [Lost & Found]
2 - Servando - Obsession (Innerphonic Remix) [AH Digital]
3 - Analog Jungs - Tadasana [Clubsonica Records]
4 - Nakul C - Cascade [BC2]
5 - Marway - Tohil [onedotsixtwo]
6 - Cream - Solemnis [Plattenbank Records]
7 - Rokazer - Canopus (Extended Mix) [Colorize (Enhanced)]
8 - Subnode - Levels (M.Rojas Remix) [3rd Avenue]

All the tracks played are not my productions.
Please SUPPORT THE ARTISTS and THE LABELS who produced them because they deserve it!

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1 – TadIR – Airborne [Armadillo Records]
2 - Lautaro Videla – Noemi [Droid9]
3 - Hifi Brother, Ben Bohmer - Sonnenallee (Extended Mix) [Anjunadeep]
4 - Tech D - Breath (Fabri Lopez & Andres Moris Remix) [Balkan Connection]
5 - Julian Nates – Voodoo [Soundteller Records]
6 - Lio Q, Anhauser, Nicolas Leonelli – Montevideo [The Soundgarden]
7 – Abity – Antioquia [Strangers Beats]
8 - Matias Ocaño - Broken Mirrors [Droid9]
9 - Claudio Cornejo - Tuareg (Andrea Cassino Remix) [Clubsonica Records]
10 - Amber Long, Waxman - You (Cloaked Remix) [BC2]
11 – Kyotto - Sweet Escape (Alan Cerra Remix) [Dopamine White]
12 - Thysma - Days Gone (Extended Mix) [Immersed]
13 – Deepness - Never Ending Story [Freegrant Music]

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(melodic progressive house, organic house, deep house)